3 Axis Gyro Stabilization

(Pan, Tilt, Roll)

Head Weight 19lbs

Max Payload 66lbs 


Height 23.93"

Depth Head 5.12"

Depth Base 6.49" 

Width 16.22"

Ring Diameter 10.23"

Max Pan Range

540 Degrees

+/- 270 Degrees

Max Tilt Range

+60 Degrees

-110 Degrees

Max Roll Range

+/- 90 Degrees

Max Pan Rate

240 Degrees/ Sec.

Max Tilt Rate

240 Degrees/ Sec.

Drop from Mitchell To Lens Center 17.91"

Operating Voltage Head 24v-36v

Onboard Camera/ Accessory Power 12v, 24v


-4 - +122 Degrees F

Wireless Control

3 Axis PLC Wheels


Film-Stuff Vibration Isolator

Follow Mode Multi- Axis Back-pan Compensation

Push Button True Horizon Reset
Offset Mode-
(in an extreme telephoto situation, can on multi-axis' follow a subject smoothly) IE: Follow a Plane across the sky smoothly, where an operators subtle movements, could be noticed.

​Put SRH-3 in any environment, and it holds stable.  Underslung, Overslung,  on Blackarm, Fixed Arm Jibs, Technocrane, Hydrascope, Scorpio, MovieBird, Camera Car's, Electric Tracking Vehicle's, Dolly, Slider, MOCO, the Compact Design and Stabilization is Unmatched.

​​​The ARRI SRH-3 Remote Stabilized Head Specs

​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP

Austin - Texas

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