ATX/ TFL offer's a wide range of specialty grip, camera, and lighting support.

3'-  Ronford Baker Slider:

standard  mitchell mount, ball mounts available

3'-  Custom  Slider:

standard  mitchell mount, ball mounts available

4'- 8 Ball Slider:
standard mitchell mount, ball mounts available

Ladder Pod

leveling head included

mitchell, euro, ball mounts available

max height 17'

Dana Dolly:

mitchell, or ball mount

custom support pipe

ATX Jib:

can be mounted on camera cars, or rolling sticks

standard mitchell, or ball mount available

max load 70lbs

reach 3.5' or 6.5’ 

max height on sticks  10’ 2.5”

Jib sticks max height 46.5”

lowest 41.5” 

Vehicle Mounts:

traditional, and custom mounts available

modern hood and hostess mounts

matthews hood and hostess mounts

ball mounts

suction cups

gutter hooks

custom bolts


unibody clamps

5/8 fitting, tubing

​1-1/4" speedrail fittings, cheeseboroughs

1-1/4" speedrail all lengths

Additional Support:

filmair dolly track

skate trays

3, 4 way leveling heads 

mitchell/ euro mounts

90 degree adaptors


​rotating offsets 


spyder- hats

condor mounts


Dana Dolly

Additional Support

Specialty Equipment

3' Custom Slider

4' 8 Ball Slider


Austin - Texas

​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP

17' Ladder Pod

Vehicle Mounts/ Support

3' Ronford Baker Slider

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