"The ATX Grip Ultra Arm" 

Porsche Cayenne Arm Car

 "ARRI SRH3" Stabilized Remote Head

"The Ranger " Electric Tracking Vehicles

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"The Ranger" Electric Tracking Vehicle

"3 Ton Grip/ Lighting Truck" 

"​ARRI SRH-3" Stabilized Remote Head

Film, Video Production Equipment Rentals

Grip and Lighting, Electric and Fuel Camera Cars, Camera Support 

"1 Ton Grip/ Lighting Transit Van"

Austin Office:
817 W Howard Ln

Bldg. C
Austin, Tx 78753

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"The ATX Mini Insert Car"

"5 Ton Grip/ Lighting Truck"

​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP


"The ATX Ultra Arm"  Porsche Cayenne Arm Car 

Austin - Texas

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