​​​​​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP
Four Camera Car Mount
Hood Mount
Car Mount With Remote Stabilized Head On Motorized Slider

Low Angle Underslung Car Mount
Remote Stabilized Head Ascending
20x20 Soft Box
Low Angle Car Mount
Horse Rider Seat on Ranger ETV
Car Interior Low Slider
Condor Moonbox
Football Profile Spinning Throw Rig

​Specialty Grip:
Beyond the standard grip/ lighting, we have a large rigging inventory including (but not limited to):

Custom, Rags, Flyswatter packages, Vehicle rigging of all types, Unique Camera Movement, Truss Builds, Ascenders, Fabrication, Design. 

We specialize in problem solving  the highest level of production needs. 

Notable Specialty Grip/ Rigging:
Matthew’s Max Menace Arm, 
Matthew’s Brauer Mount (Hostess Tray),

Bazooka, Euro Mount Adaptors, Euro To Jr Adaptor, Euro Rotating Offset, Suction Cups,  
Magnets, Idea Vision Vacuum Mount, Hood Mount, Hostess Tray, 
Door Mount Kit, Ball Mount, Dish Mount, 
Butt Dollies, Euro Mounts, Ladder Pod 
Box Truss to Mitchell Mount, Trailer Hitch Adaptors , Body Starter Clamps, Car Body Bolts 

Condor Leveler's
Condor Rigging
Soft Boxes  
GoPro mounts
Camera Helmet 
Camera Chest Mount



Austin - Texas

Matthews Max Menace Arm
20x20 Interior Softbox
Through The Window Rig
Ladder Pod
Motorcycle POV Build
Bicycle Sidecar Camera Mount
Forklift DP Safety Seat
360 Traveling Green Screen/ Dolly
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