Austin - Texas

​​​​​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP

​​The Ranger 

The Ranger, is a one of a kind, electric "camera tracking vehicle". The custom cheeseplated panels, with 1"x1" spaced holes, make rigging, and adjustments quick and easy.

It can accommodate all forms of camera movement. On or off-road,  The ATX Ranger silently, handles,   steadicam, jib's, black arm, remote stabilized heads (Arri SRH-3), Ronin, Movi, hand held, or traditional fixed mounts.  



Weight 1800 lbs

Width 52 5/8”
Height w/ optional jib post 73 3/4” 
Rear platform height 32 3/8” 
Front platform height 39 1/8” 
Length w/o adjustable platform extension 9’ 
Length w/ adjustable platform extension 9’ 11 5/8” 

Payload 1600 lb (including camera, rigging, passengers, and driver.)

​Easily Rigged Front, Rear, Top, Either Side.

Max Speed 25mph

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