Built on 2005 Toyota Sienna Chassis

Payload- 1600 lbs (including driver)

Rear Deck 6-1/2' x 6-1/2'

Front Porch 2-1/2' x 6-1/2'

At Full Capacity:

50 mph-  Straight Runs

25mph- City Block Corner Turns

6-1/2' Bridge Plate

Roll Bar with Cover

Crane, Steadicam, Movi Ready

Austin - Texas

Features include:

Dash mounted monitor mounts.

Years of safety & proven heritage.

Re-positionable rear seats for crew.

Re positionable Bridge plate.

Three tier console for record deck.

Open cab for immediate communication.

Air bag suspension.

1500 watt inverter.

Re movable front deck.

The ATX Mini Insert car, "Mini Ini" allows agile maneuverability in congested areas where larger Insert cars are cumbersome, and smaller insert vehicles do not allow for crew to travel on board.
It is a mid-size, front wheel drive insert vehicle built to accommodate six passengers and allow multi-camera set ups in a single pass.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​ATX GRIP

The ATX Mini Insert Car

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